Monday, July 27, 2009


Since I did three seniors up in Washington, when my family came to Utah the next week, I did my brothers senior shots! We got lucky because we did them right before a storm hit, and they left the next day! These are some of my favorite shots!


I got SO many good shots of this girl! She is very photogenic! This one could model too for sure! It was hard to choose which ones to put up here. I still have more coming I'm sure!


This girl had a killer serious face! Gorgeous! And despite her hilarious mom cracking everyone up every two seconds, I still got a ton of great serious shots! I love them! I think she could model with that face!


I knew this kid when he was a little boy down the street who played with my brother... I hadn't seen him in forever, and now he's a senior...crazy! I did a few senior shoots while I was in Washington visiting my family, and I loved it! I wish more seniors in Utah did senior pictures!